DYNASET HPW Hydraulic driven high pressure pumps efficiently converts hydraulic energy from the hydraulic system in the excavator, truck, ship, ROV  or machiner to high pressure water for cleaning, injection or pressure testing

  • Easy to use and install
  • Extremely compact
  • Models up to 1600 bar
  • Some models can also be used  SUBSEA




Model IDLinkMax FlowMax PressureMax EffectPressure RatioDimensionsWeightHyd. FlowHyd. Pressure
HPW 090Dynaset HPW090/150 High Pressure Pump 150 lpm0090 bar022,5 kw0,52365 x 165 x 250 (mm)031 kg085 lpm 210 Bar
HPW 130Dynaset HPW130/180 High Pressure Pump180 lpm0130 bar039,0 kW0,68415 x 165 x 260 (mm)045 kg140 lpm250 Bar
HPW 160Dynaset HPW160/18-18 High Pressure Pump018 lpm0160 Bar004,8 kW0,88100 x 210 x 110 (mm)006 kg018 lpm210 Bar
HPW 180Dynaset HPW180/90 High Pressure Pump090 lpm0180 Bar027,0 kW1,12330 x 220 x 180 (mm)027 kg115 lpm210 Bar
HPW 200Dynaset HPW200/30 High Pressure Pump030 lpm0200 Bar010,0 kW1,18245 x 160 x 165 (mm)008 kg045 lpm210 Bar
HPW 220Dynaset HPW220/50 High Pressure Pump050 lpm0220 Bar018,0 kW1,26280 x 150 x 190 (mm)015 kg070 lpm210 Bar
HPW 250Dynaset HPW250/30 High Pressure Pump030 lpm0250 Bar012,5 kW1,06167 x 238 x 179 (mm)011 kg040 lpm250 Bar
HPW 300Dynaset HPW300/300 High Pressure Pump300 lpm0300 Bar150,0 kW1,06740 x 270 x 360 (mm)170 kg350 lpm300 Bar
HPW 320Dynaset HPW320/75 High Pressure Pump075 lpm0320 Bar040,0 kW1,30250 x 344 x 282 (mm)032 kg125 lpm250 Bar
HPW 420Dynaset HPW420/20 High Pressure Pump020 lpm0420 Bar014,0 kW2,12245 x 125 x 155 (mm)015 kg050 lpm220 Bar
HPW 460Dynaset HPW460/50 High Pressure Pump050 lpm0460 Bar039,0 kW2,03320 x 195 x 200 (mm)030 kg115 lpm250 Bar
HPW 520Dynaset HPW520/30 High Pressure Pump030 lpm0520 Bar026,0 kW2,62290 x 115 x 170 (mm)020 kg085 lpm210 Bar
HPW 800Dynaset HPW800/30 High Pressure Pump030 lpm0800 Bar040,0 kW4,00340 x 195 x 195 (mm)039 kg140 lpm210 Bar
HPW1000 Dynaset HPW1000/30 High Pressure Pump030 lpm1000 Bar050,0 kW4,00379 x 168 x193 (mm)031 kg140 lpm280 Bar
HPW1200 Dynaset HPW1200/100 High Pressure Pump100 lpm1200 Bar200,0 kW4,00950 x 270 x 350 (mm)170 kg350 lpm300 Bar
HPW1600Dynaset HPW1600/15 High Pressure Pump015 lpm1600 Bar040,0 kW7,87400 x 195 x 160 (mm)036 kg140 lpm230 Bar