Worlds’s best power-to-size ratio!


Tolerates particle content up to 25%!

DYNASET HDF High Pressure Pumps

DYNASET HDF High Pressure Pumps are extra durable pumps designed for use in applications like drilling operations and mining, in which there is a high content of particles in the fluid.

  • Withstands particle content up to 25%
  • Pressure from 40 bar to 200 bar
  • Flow up to 250 l/min
  • Extremely compact and low weight




  • Mining
  • Tunnel work
  • Drilling operations



Model IDLinkMax. FlowMax. PressureMax. PowerPressure RatioDimensionsWeightHyd. FlowHyd. Pressure
HDF 040/40 Dynaset HDF040/40 040 lpm040 bar2,6kW0,2190 x 315 x 170 (mm)008 kg008 lpm 210 Bar
HDF 090/150Dynaset HDF090/150150 lpm090 bar23,0 kW0,52175 x 345 x 250 (mm)030 kg140 lpm210 Bar
HDF 160/70 Dynaset HDF160/70 070 lpm160 Bar4,8 kW1,12220 x 330 x 180 (mm)028 kg090 lpm210 Bar
HDF 180/23 Dynaset HDF180/23023 lpm180 Bar7,0 kW1,18160 x 245 x 165 (mm)008 kg035 lpm210 Bar
HDF 200/40Dynaset HDF200/40040 lpm200 Bar13,0 kW1,26170 x 280 x 185 (mm)018 kg055 lpm210 Bar
HDF 200/250 Dynaset HDF200/250250 lpm200 Bar85,0 kW1,06270 x 745 x 360 (mm)170 kg280 lpm210 Bar