DYNASET HKR Hydraulic driven screw compressor efficiently converts hydraulic energy from the hydraulic system in an excavator, truck, boat or construction machine to compressed air for operation of air tools or air-powered equipment.

  • Easy to use and install
  • Models up to 11,000 litres/min ( 11.0 m3/min)
  • Compact and low weight
  • Low noise level during operation due to quiet hydraulic motor
  • Supplied with hydraulic oil cooler for cooling the compressor
  • Can be operated continuously 24/7 without stopping




Extra filtration of compressed air for extreme environments such as mines and tunnels


Additional cooling of the hydraulic system

ModelLinkMax Flow (lpm)Max PressureDimensions ( LxWxH)WeightHydr. FlowHydr. Pressure
HKR0500/10Dynaset HKR 500 Compressor050010 Bar450 x 350 x 39043 kg029 lpm 123 Bar
HKR0600/15Dynaset HKR 600 Compressor060015 Bar490 x 371 x 46143 kg026 lpm195 Bar
HKR0800/10Dynaset HKR 800 Compressor080010 Bar450 x 350 x 39043 kg043 lpm135 bar
HKR1300/10Dynaset HKR 1300 Compressor130010 Bar455 x 490 x 425074 kg037 lpm205 Bar
HKR2000/10 Dynaset HKR 2000 Compressor200010 Bar455 x 490 x 425074 kg053 lpm205 Bar
HKR2500/10 Dynaset HKR 2500 Compressor250010 Bar455 x 490 x 425074 kg067 lpm205 Bar
HKR4000/10 Dynaset HKR 4000 Compressor400010 Bar520 x 650 x 720137 kg104 lpm215 Bar
HKR5000/10 Dynaset HKR 5000 Compressor500010 Bar520 x 650 x 720137 kg137 lpm210 Bar
HKR7500/10 Dynaset HKR 7500 Compressor750010 Bar622 x 779 x 809270 kg183 lpm230 Bar
HKR11000 LPDynaset HKR 11000 LP Compressor1100010 Bar1618 x 799 x 946377 kg230 lpm270 Bar
HKR 11000 HPDynaset HKR 11000 HP Compressor1100010 Bar1603 x 799 x 946377 kg184 lpm345 Bar


  • Operation of air tools and air-powered equipment
  • “Lifting” of dead fish in fish farms
  • Car tire filling
  • Air cleaning